What If

For twenty years of continuous battle against Earth’s gravity, I had achieved the prestigious trophy of curiosity. My mind was filled with countless “what ifs” that bugs me almost all the time. Although I cannot fully express it in words, here are some of my contemplations:


•There is a National Presidential Admission Test and only those who passed the test would qualify to run for presidency. Would it be nicer if we, citizens, have an objective reassurance that we are in the hands of a truly eligible leader?
•We choose our leaders not basing on how many times they appear on television but basing on their credentials and achievements.
•Mindanao will be separated from the Philippine archipelago. Will it become rich? I would like to know.
• Our way to make a suspect confess is to tie him up, get a piece of feather and tickle him until he gives up. At least he won’t die in torture or in pain, he would die laughing! Ho ho ho
• Stones were money.
• Earning for a living is as easy as catching rain drops with a basin.
• Humans are immortals and each of us possesses some unique supernatural powers.
• There is no barrier between the rich and the poor. All of us can live harmoniously without prejudice and bias.
• We were born old and as time passes by, we get younger. We could have enjoyed life much better that way. Our parents would take care of us while we are still reliantly old until we get in middle adulthood and start earning for ourselves. We then get our retirement at adolescence and start spending our savings to things we find happiness with. By then, life won’t start at 40; it would ironically start at 20.
• All Filipinos were born with high sense of patriotic nationalism. Would it make a change in Philippine governance and citizenry?
• Politicians run for genuine service not for personal interest and power.
• We achieve ultimate world peace, and by world peace, I mean the utmost sense of serenity and love.

I carry with me the blazing optimism that these thoughts would meet reality in time. I incessantly hope for the betterment of humanity; and for further mayhem, I hope not.


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