A Call For Filipinos

As darkness covered my sanctuary, my gaze was fixed in the tiny little specs that glimmer above every mortal being underneath the cosmic heavens. I saw many ideas floating in the sea of shadows, and those thoughts overwhelm the deepest roots of my existence.

One thought that flickered my imagination was the unending growl of Filipino citizens towards betterment. They continuously fight the battle against the hunger for a better leader that would turn their lives on the good side of the plate. Fifteen Philippine presidents have passed, generations change from one to another, and yet, no satisfaction has been attained. Catfights regarding Philippine politics are still commonly observed in the streets, political dominion is present, and blood shredded for personal interest has become more than rampant.

I cannot see the point of blaming our political leaders for the unfortunate situation Philippines is incessantly facing. We, as ordinary citizens of the republic are also responsible for the bereavement of our motherland. It is undeniable that we see Filipinos fight against themselves. When we see ourselves in the mud pit, we want others to experience the same adversity and wish them to be in the mud pit with us. Filipinos grab each other when they see someone is struggling to be on top, Filipinos leave no room for self-sacrifice and altruism. Given all these, how can we expect our leaders to act unselfishly if we, followers, live our lives in a constant chaos?

Let’s face it, we are selfish. Whether we admit it or not, we are born to cater our own needs and satisfy our own necessities first and foremost. Unless you are born with a rare sense of unselfishness, you will learn to carry the loads of others to let them run and win life’s long race. But of course, who would do that?

Altruism. The willingness to deprive oneself for the benefit of another. It is not too late for us Filipinos. Being born with some degree of humanity does not mean we won’t learn striving for our own betterment. We always want changes in political dominance, we always want change in government administration, and we want change in almost everything our government and our system does. But have we ever realized our own shortcomings and errors? Start the change within you. Be the change you want to be.

It is us who holds the key for the door we always wanted to open. Let us initiate the change by grasping acceptance. Accepting that you have certain imperfections would open the window for self-improvement and necessary modifications. It would vacant hypocrisy and fill in humility. Let us continue the battle not in turmoil, but in morality and dignity. Let the true essence of unity bond us. Let us continue the fight we have started, but now let us start it with the right foot.

I laid and tried to snap myself back to reality. My sanctuary is still in the hands of darkness, but now, I could see some presence of light.


2 thoughts on “A Call For Filipinos

  1. Indeed lar.. I hope there’s still altruism left in our so called “leaders”. I really hope they would change.. But I doubt. Let’s just hope for the best and continue to fight what we’ve started. Chos! I so love your blog! Very deep and strong lar.. 🙂 ^_____^

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