Tinago Falls: A Hidden Sanctuary

Witness one of the most magnificent works of nature! Prepare to drop your jaws in amazement as you witness Tinago falls plunges its splendor!  If you are looking for a perfect getaway escape, Tinago falls may be just perfect for you.

Tinago falls is deeply hidden in the forest of Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan city, Philippines. Tinago is a Filipino word that literally means “hidden”. It got its name for the fact that Tinago falls is deeply hidden in a mountain’s ravine. Trekking to Tinago falls entails roughly 500 descending steps termed the winding stairway. The waterfall is extraordinarily high with very cold waters gushing strikingly into a deep and calm basin-like pool which looks more like a blue-colored lagoon. Underneath the falls is a small cave where people can enter and listen to the echoing waters. Tinago falls drops 240 feet (73 m) high from a cliff.


Splendid, isn’t it?