Elegance in Red: Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

 Vera Wang

Conceal your body with the unique mishmash of sophistication and elegance in Vera Wang’s spring wedding collection. You’ll never get enough with Vera Wang’s luscious designs beautifully plunged in the vibrancy of red and its different shades. It’s simply captivating and irresistible. See the beauty, experience romance, and feel the love as Vera Wang gives you her spring wedding collection.

Refined sensibility

Pamper yourself in one of Vera Wang’s classy Luxe gowns. The gown is highlighted with a strapless, drop-waist corset shielded with very finely micro-pleated French tulle that crosses the body to form a basket weave outline. Its exposed ruffled seam detail in the back gives the gown unpredictably organic texture which is fully in contrast with an otherwise minimalist sequence flange drapes of tulle and organza that modestly flow down the skirt. The body’s bottom is detailed with pieces of tissue organza and bias-cut tulle creating peplum effect that wraps continuously at the back. Despite it voluminous appearance, there is no heavy crinoline in its skirt that makes it dense and hefty.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Elusively romantic

There will be dropping of jaws as this mermaid gown falls in one’s sight. It conveys a romantic and dreamy sensation from the expressively stirring corsage of airy tissue organza and tulle flowers at the neckline, to the dazzling asymmetrical draping of the skirt that swishes the floor like a fluffy, inverted bouquet. Its inimitable arrangement of tulle forms a stunning collage effect, making boisterous touches to ensemble a more elusive quality.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Irresistibly dramatic

An intersection of a mermaid gown and a ball gown, this is what this fabulous dress is all about. It is made with highly layered voluminous skirt giving it its ball gown effect but surprisingly it drops low giving emphasis in defining your body figure appealingly, casting to your shape the way a mermaid gown would. It has a split nature that works really well. The skirt explodes in asymmetrical tiered flanges completed with an airy fabric that emits monochromatic contrast between shadow and light. This dress offers a unique texture leaving it irresistibly interestingly dramatic.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Intense blooms

Spoiling your body in the softness of stretch silk Mikado Fabric has never been this worthwhile! The gown fits in a trumpet-like shape giving you the perfect silhouette regardless of your body type. This tulle and organza fit-and-flare gown features a breathtaking drama of blooms.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Eternal fluidity

Filled with continuous full-length bias tiers of organza, this gown speaks for eternal fluidity. Each layer of tulle and organza are asymmetric without any piece of bias strips in equal width and sizes. Its skirt is fixed with ruffled, falling effect with base bursting with pleated tulle and eyelash tissue organza hit. The dress contains a sense of controlled chaos you’ll surely love.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Classically seductive

Surround yourself with old world fantasy of chivalry as you walk the aisle with this sumptuous ball gown. The gown is dynamically filled with air as it is completed with layers and layers of tulle and organza giving you a glorious ballet of color and shadow through its shades and tones becoming lighter, or darker, between those waves of fabric. The gown creates asymmetrical figures lining it in addition to stylish gatherings of bustled crinoline. Its front is an array of salient blooms hand-rolled out of eyelash organza leading to its impression as a neatly-wrapped bouquet.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Sweet simplicity

Find yourself beautifully contained in a delicate mermaid gown with bared silhouette in the sheer, ruffled bust, distinctive shoulder adornment, cascade of pleated tulle which leads the eye down the gown, and waterfall of pleats in its skirt’s base. If you bet simplicity, then this gown is perfect for you. It speaks nothing but softness and silence but filled with a bursting blend of so much motion and detail.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Enchantingly whimsical

Spark some thrill with this whimsical Basque-waist gown with a thrilling notch-front neckline in which the body dips down at the waist into a particular point eventually transforming it into crisscross drape tulle. This gives emphasis to your torso making you have a very elongated and contemporary contour. Nested on the waist is meticulously carved crystal embroidery weaving on the side from the waist to the back to create a bed of tulle flower petals. This gown gives a soft and sweet impression.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Intricate randomness

Fashioned from a multitude of razor-cut bias tulle and organza layers, the gown is blossoms throughout its every angle. It consists of inter-related layers with sundry minute patterns that give the gown a newfangled exhilarating texture, like a new fabric itself. The fabric is nothing but a soft mantle wrapping you in all ranges of light and shadow. Its skirt is drawn to form an inverted flange which roots from a crisscross, a whirl, and an open blossom. If you’re a lady of modern aesthetic, then this gown speaks for you as it will undoubtedly make you bolder, fiercer, and exquisitely contemporary.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Quintessential romance

Be the belle of the ball with this sweeping gown flowing with a cascade of ribbons unfurling from a tightly-wound reel with starry flare-ups of lace floating adroitly through a lavish breadth of tulle. Furnished with a natural waist and strapless corset, this fairy tale dress is ornamented wit Chantilly lace which most likely appears to float over the bust cups and the boning. The gown’s skirt is meticulously made up of wavy, horsehair-edged borders of tulle. The top was cut thin while becoming wider as it reaches towards the bottom making your waist looks sleek and tiny.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Harmonizing vitality

Twisted with hand-draped “V” pattern of French tulle, this bold and modish gown focuses its main visuals in its body. The waist is defined by drapes to create a very light and airy dress. Softness and crystal decoration cover the hip where it is nipped in, and then continues to form beautiful and soft flares out. The dress has a very light structured A-line skirt making a cage of horsehair over tulle o that is compliments and conceals diverse body types. The gown is completed to have a vintage impress with a plush blend of natural, floral, and deliberate elements harmonizing in so much vitality.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Fierce vivacity

Experience a new sense of vivacity and boldness as this fashion-forward dress reveals not just your skin but also its groundwork. Designed with a bathing suit-like top and furnished with fine, micro-draped French tulle that molds to your bust and breaks around the back, which is otherwise completely bare. The front cups are adorned with two pieces of tulle micro-draped in a V-shaped cut that extends straight up away from the skin so it is totally sculptural making it look more futuristic and fierce.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Collection

Vera Wang gives her dresses an explicit mixture of contemporary and classic designs in a beautiful array of balance. Vera Wang’s spring wedding collection speaks of a modishly classic romance which is all about walking the aisle leaving everyone awed by you as you glamorously wear the dress and not let the dress wear you instead.