SEO Basics

SEO Basics

SEO Basics

If you landed on this page, you are most probably searching for ways to increase your product sales or just want to know more about SEO.

Having difficulties selling your products online? Wondering why your products don’t sell despite its unparalleled quality and low cost? You obviously need some marketing strategies to let the people know your products exist. This is what SEO is all about. When you do SEO on your site/products, you increase your visibility on the web thus leading to larger audiences and later on increase your sales. SEO is comparable to giving fliers and advertising your products on newspapers and televisions; it’s like putting your product on billboards, the only difference is that you are actually doing these marketing styles here in the web and your “billboard” are the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So, the more “billboards” featuring your product, the more visibility you get. As I said, these “billboards” are search engines; hence the more you post your site in these search engines, the more you get visible on the web.

Contrary to what most people think, search engines like Google does not automatically include your site on its search results, you need to manually submit your site on it so that if people search using keywords similar to yours, your website will be included on the pages of Google and other search engines you have submitted to. Keywords are the group of words people use for search queries. So when you consider a keyword, make sure your products fits to it and that people will most likely use those words for searching.

SEO is composed of 2 kinds: off page SEO and on page SEO.
On page SEO is the use of codes on your site’s source code to make it more SEO friendly. It is the integration of good Meta description, proper stuffing of Meta keywords, and adding relevant Meta tags. On page SEO is where SEO strategies should start at. The purpose of these Meta tags is for the search engine robots to crawl and index it.

Off page SEO on the other hand is the use of search engines to make your website more visible to people. Off page SEO strategies comprise link building, backlink building, article writing, and article submission. Link building is the submission of your website to different link directories while back link building is the use of relevant blog/forum commenting that allows you to leave your link to their blog sites. Article writing should include proper keyword density which is the integration of your keywords to the articles tackling about your products. After article writing, you can choose to have these articles submitted to article submission sites for the same purpose of increasing your web presence.


What If

For twenty years of continuous battle against Earth’s gravity, I had achieved the prestigious trophy of curiosity. My mind was filled with countless “what ifs” that bugs me almost all the time. Although I cannot fully express it in words, here are some of my contemplations:


•There is a National Presidential Admission Test and only those who passed the test would qualify to run for presidency. Would it be nicer if we, citizens, have an objective reassurance that we are in the hands of a truly eligible leader?
•We choose our leaders not basing on how many times they appear on television but basing on their credentials and achievements.
•Mindanao will be separated from the Philippine archipelago. Will it become rich? I would like to know.
• Our way to make a suspect confess is to tie him up, get a piece of feather and tickle him until he gives up. At least he won’t die in torture or in pain, he would die laughing! Ho ho ho
• Stones were money.
• Earning for a living is as easy as catching rain drops with a basin.
• Humans are immortals and each of us possesses some unique supernatural powers.
• There is no barrier between the rich and the poor. All of us can live harmoniously without prejudice and bias.
• We were born old and as time passes by, we get younger. We could have enjoyed life much better that way. Our parents would take care of us while we are still reliantly old until we get in middle adulthood and start earning for ourselves. We then get our retirement at adolescence and start spending our savings to things we find happiness with. By then, life won’t start at 40; it would ironically start at 20.
• All Filipinos were born with high sense of patriotic nationalism. Would it make a change in Philippine governance and citizenry?
• Politicians run for genuine service not for personal interest and power.
• We achieve ultimate world peace, and by world peace, I mean the utmost sense of serenity and love.

I carry with me the blazing optimism that these thoughts would meet reality in time. I incessantly hope for the betterment of humanity; and for further mayhem, I hope not.

A Call For Filipinos

As darkness covered my sanctuary, my gaze was fixed in the tiny little specs that glimmer above every mortal being underneath the cosmic heavens. I saw many ideas floating in the sea of shadows, and those thoughts overwhelm the deepest roots of my existence.

One thought that flickered my imagination was the unending growl of Filipino citizens towards betterment. They continuously fight the battle against the hunger for a better leader that would turn their lives on the good side of the plate. Fifteen Philippine presidents have passed, generations change from one to another, and yet, no satisfaction has been attained. Catfights regarding Philippine politics are still commonly observed in the streets, political dominion is present, and blood shredded for personal interest has become more than rampant.

I cannot see the point of blaming our political leaders for the unfortunate situation Philippines is incessantly facing. We, as ordinary citizens of the republic are also responsible for the bereavement of our motherland. It is undeniable that we see Filipinos fight against themselves. When we see ourselves in the mud pit, we want others to experience the same adversity and wish them to be in the mud pit with us. Filipinos grab each other when they see someone is struggling to be on top, Filipinos leave no room for self-sacrifice and altruism. Given all these, how can we expect our leaders to act unselfishly if we, followers, live our lives in a constant chaos?

Let’s face it, we are selfish. Whether we admit it or not, we are born to cater our own needs and satisfy our own necessities first and foremost. Unless you are born with a rare sense of unselfishness, you will learn to carry the loads of others to let them run and win life’s long race. But of course, who would do that?

Altruism. The willingness to deprive oneself for the benefit of another. It is not too late for us Filipinos. Being born with some degree of humanity does not mean we won’t learn striving for our own betterment. We always want changes in political dominance, we always want change in government administration, and we want change in almost everything our government and our system does. But have we ever realized our own shortcomings and errors? Start the change within you. Be the change you want to be.

It is us who holds the key for the door we always wanted to open. Let us initiate the change by grasping acceptance. Accepting that you have certain imperfections would open the window for self-improvement and necessary modifications. It would vacant hypocrisy and fill in humility. Let us continue the battle not in turmoil, but in morality and dignity. Let the true essence of unity bond us. Let us continue the fight we have started, but now let us start it with the right foot.

I laid and tried to snap myself back to reality. My sanctuary is still in the hands of darkness, but now, I could see some presence of light.

Sprite Sheet Makers Do The Magic By Laarni Garcia Navales

The evolution of mobile and independent gaming has made our hearts jump with too much excitement and pleasure. We have witnessed how 2D graphics have evolved to simple 3D animations and then eventually to more complex ones. We were so mesmerized that we have taken for granted, if not completely forgot, about how sprite sheet makers do its part in this enthralling metamorphosis.

Sprites have been associated with sprite sheets. Popular search engines could provide you information about sprite sheets when you actually searched for the word “sprites”. These are immense screens that hold various graphics and animation phases wrapped together to assemble startling independent games that both kids and adults enjoy. It has been noted and greatly appreciated most especially by programmers and independent game developers for it make possible not only the simplification of structures for displaying animated objects but also in increasing its speed performance. Tight packed sheets decreases memory consumption and gives a room for professional programmers to edit and write optimized code.

Sprite sheets seemed to get out of fashion while 3D games became popular and replaced the 2D games with hand crafted sprites. But only the name changed: 3D games have the same need for optimized textures which contain the image data. Without the textures the 3D objects would just be single colored. Textures add the color and define the detail of the objects. The new name is uv packing. It uses the same algorithms a sheet maker also does.

The fact that casual games have undeniably increase its popularity, consumers’ demand for it has been affected directly proportional. This phenomenon has persuaded many independent developers for mobile platforms like iPhone and Android to generate more virtual games thus creating a new need for sprite sheets.

Creating a sheet is quite simple. All you need to have to get started is a painting application like Adobe PhotoShop or even Window’s Paint or GIMP. The task is to place as many sprites as possible in one image. You will also need the coordinates and sizes of each sprite to be able to use the data in a game. However, if this process seemed like a so much hassle in your part, worry no more for there are tools that make it even easier. This is how a sprite sheet maker enters the scenery.

Sprite Sheet makers like TexturePacker make things a little less complicated. They import single sprites or animation frames from a flash movie and place them in a sprite sheet, optimizing not only the texture’s size but also the image quality. They also keep track of the sizes and coordinates and export the data needed to be imported.

Knowing all these things leave us a conclusion that the enchanting world of virtual games that we have at present would never be that captivating and mesmerizing without sprite sheet makers.

Looking for The Best Sprite Sheet Maker? Visit to have free basic features and for more info.

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Beauty under Pressure


We are now faced in a world where equality of both sexes is being observed. Women have become more than just housewives, they were now welcomed in a society where men used to dominate. What was previously known and popularly branded that the XX chromosomes were inferior has become a myth. Domination of the males were over, women have risen to fulfill a legend.

The effects of globalization have brought women out of the kitchen and into the streets. Women have been allowed to work which made them no less than a man. Early years of men were focused solely in males. Rulers of each known civilizations were preferably men, noble artists were men, and conquerors were none other than men. Many have told us that men over rule women, history confirms it to us. These days have finally come to an end. Gender equality has been proclaimed.

Women being faced with a tougher world were also faced with a humongous pressure for carrying men’s world on her shoulders. Afraid of being judged and be proven as weak, women feels a whole bunch of an additional pressure to handle with.

It has been women’s unspoken responsibility to maintain, to the best of her ability, her beauty. She has maintained the grace that society has looked up to. Women have their keen eyes to look beauty on its smallest and most delicate details. Mediocrity has no room for them. They always knock the door of excellence. Messing with beauty is a major sin for women. They have their vows for radiance, grace, and perfection.

Beauty under pressure seems so out of control. Pressure, we all know, gives us so much stress, and stress indeed contributes a lot to a faster aging. Women who have not been successful in conquering pressure will have faster and more rapid aging compare to those who have. With a continuous pressure left unhandled, they will eventually have sunken eyes with dark circles around it. Wrinkles will ruin your face. Laugh lines will piss you off. Dark spots scattered on your face will put the heck of it. Aging will become so much evident then. Lips that were previously coated with moist and is cherry red will appear dull, pale, and cracked. The crown of glory that you treasure will turn from black to gray. Gray hair will grow even a lot of times more. Skin will sag just like you fear the most. Bones will be brittle. A stressed woman under pressure will have a face that looks ten times older than her real age is. She will appear more like of a grandmother hiding the fact that she’s not. Sounds so embarrassing and disappointing isn’t it? Who in this world would want a life so pissing because of your aged face? Beauty comes with balance. We don’t want a zombie look, do we?

no stress

When we take a look at pressure on a brighter side and on a lighter sense, it helps not only women but also every individual put some spice especially when competence is along one’s way. We may have noticed people experiencing pressure to be hastier and more tedious making more work in a lesser span of time. This also made sense when we relate the relation between pressure and aging. Aging is directly proportional to pressure. When we take aging as well as pressure for granted, it is comparable no less than taking your natural glow for granted.

The world may be harsh making your schedules so hectic that you think taking some break won’t save your life and that it would only make it more complicated. You may see loosening up will only leave a lot of works left undo thus adding to your burdens. Unfortunately, a huge number of women think of relaxing, recreating, and having some fun, such as getting yourself on a girlfriend getaway, are the things they hardly can afford for they have been immensely bombarded with pressure and a ton of work. Women have been incarcerated in a belief that recreation is always lavishness and a waste of not just time, but also money. These mentalities are the ones that make women’s life a fertilizer to aging.

Stress due to pressure can fortunately be controlled, just by simply taking some moment to unwind even once a week. A girlfriend getaway would be perfect then. Plan a simple yet invigorating girlfriend getaway with your girl friends to at least wash all the stress and pressure away. Aside from getting fun, a girlfriend getaway treat would surely draw some smiles on your friends’ faces. An adventurous woman may choose a girlfriend getaway that is jaw dropping due to its extreme experience it can possibly offer. One can also choose and consider a beauty spa as a relaxing girlfriend getaway. Submit yourself to a massage or yoga sessions to cast away stress from your gorgeous body. Who says pressure should always be taken hardly? All you need to have is do all your work well and serve your body better.

Our body’s purpose is more than doing heavy works and loads, it functions more than that. Life is short and living it over working will leave all your young years go pointless. Being happy is far beyond earning money; it is far beyond achieving earthly riches. True happiness is best achieved through spending quality time with your loved ones and enjoying every second of it. Women should realize that letting yourself work so hard won’t make you any superhero. Recreation is part of our basic needs and that it should be accomplished. The sick makes no work, this should always ring a bell on you.

Maintain beauty, maintain life. You don’t need to be ruthless to your body as much as how ruthless your boss may be. Let your face outstand even in spite of inevitable pressure and stress. Let your body claim its blaze and let it shine far beyond others. Prove your worth, prove your significant beauty!


Girls on Bikes

Gears have been changed. Designs have been remolded. Ways have been paved for girls’ bikes. Although bikes have been tagged as boy’s toys for the past generations, girls have been claiming their rights in this matter. Bikes have caught the endearing interest of big and little girls, and so, girl’s bikes have been created. In fact, the popularity of girl’s bikes has grown gradually since it was first introduced.

Parents, nowadays, have not let taboos regarding girls riding on bikes influence them on providing their children the fun that they can get out of riding it. They have reached the mentality in which they learn to weigh and consider the benefits their daughters can get in girl’s bikes.

There are lots of things to be considered in choosing the best bikes for girls. Aside from taking into consideration the mechanical aspects of the bikes, the physiologic capabilities of the child should also be taken into account. Girls’ bikes should be properly inspected for damages to ensure safety.

Before letting a child ride in a bike, ensure first that the bike is appropriate for the child’s size. Do not let a child ride without wearing a helmet and protective clothing materials and make certain that those really fit the child to prevent risk for injuries. Have the child wear a close fitting but comfortable clothing to prevent his/her get up be caught by the bikes’ parts. Make sure that the bike works correctly and that no single part function with faults. Leave an eye to the child while he/she rides on his/her bike.

Choosing a bike varies from one age group to another. For girls under 2 years old, these girls’ bikes are recommended: Radio Flyer Girls Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike, Radio Flyer Girls Fold 2 Go Trike, Little Tikes’ 3 in 1 Smart Trike , and Fisher Price Grow With Me Trike.

girl's bikes

For girls 3 years up to 6 years of age, these girls’ bikes are best suited for them: Adams Girl’s Run Bike, Pacific Twirl Girls’ Bike (12” Wheels), Kawasaki 12-inch Mono, Kent 14” Girls Sundancer Kids Bike, Huffy So Sweet Girls Bike, and Mongoose Bubble Pop Girls’ Bike (12” Wheels).

girl's bikes

Girls’ bikes that are well suited for 6 years old and beyond are as follows: Bratz 16” Passion For Fashion Girls’ Cruiser Bike, Barbie Girls’ Bike (16” Wheels), Disney Princess Girls’ Bike (16” Wheels), Diamondback Mini Impression Girls’ Bike (16” Wheels), Mantis Girls’ Maya Bike (16” Wheels), Ride With Me Barbie 16-inch Girl’s BMX Bicycle, and Schwinn Jasmine Girls’ Bike (16” Wheels).

girl's bikes

Girls’ bikes provide children not just fun but also exercise. It doesn’t only give them extreme enjoyment but also gives room for physical development and strength. It is not only recommended for recreation but also for enhancing muscle strength and bone density. Girls’ bikes also help children build strong values such as confidence, determination, and perseverance.

Every child has to undergo the stage where fun and play were their priorities. The successful completion of this transitional stage is necessary in molding them into better individuals. Supporting a child and encouraging them in every beneficial activity they’re into (even in playing) strongly help them to establish self-esteem.

Who says bikes were mere boys’ toys? Make way for here comes the girls on bikes!

What is Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup is a system used to search the necessary and vital information associated with a particular cell phone number. The use of reverse cell phone lookup may comprise search for the full name as well as the full address of the number’s owner. Reverse cell phone lookup can be used to conduct identity search for it also include detailed and precise personal information of the owner. It does not come for free. Unfortunately, cell phone lookup demands an average about $15-$25 per number or $40+ for memberships. It is not so uncommon that we are sometimes reached by unfamiliar calls and SMS which most of us may find disturbing. This way of identity searching method is the most practical and sensible process to combat prank calls or unknown callers. Surely, reverse cell phone lookup will help you solve your headaches with regards to unidentified and suspicious callers and cell phone users.