Sprite Sheet Makers Do The Magic By Laarni Garcia Navales

The evolution of mobile and independent gaming has made our hearts jump with too much excitement and pleasure. We have witnessed how 2D graphics have evolved to simple 3D animations and then eventually to more complex ones. We were so mesmerized that we have taken for granted, if not completely forgot, about how sprite sheet makers do its part in this enthralling metamorphosis.

Sprites have been associated with sprite sheets. Popular search engines could provide you information about sprite sheets when you actually searched for the word “sprites”. These are immense screens that hold various graphics and animation phases wrapped together to assemble startling independent games that both kids and adults enjoy. It has been noted and greatly appreciated most especially by programmers and independent game developers for it make possible not only the simplification of structures for displaying animated objects but also in increasing its speed performance. Tight packed sheets decreases memory consumption and gives a room for professional programmers to edit and write optimized code.

Sprite sheets seemed to get out of fashion while 3D games became popular and replaced the 2D games with hand crafted sprites. But only the name changed: 3D games have the same need for optimized textures which contain the image data. Without the textures the 3D objects would just be single colored. Textures add the color and define the detail of the objects. The new name is uv packing. It uses the same algorithms a sheet maker also does.

The fact that casual games have undeniably increase its popularity, consumers’ demand for it has been affected directly proportional. This phenomenon has persuaded many independent developers for mobile platforms like iPhone and Android to generate more virtual games thus creating a new need for sprite sheets.

Creating a sheet is quite simple. All you need to have to get started is a painting application like Adobe PhotoShop or even Window’s Paint or GIMP. The task is to place as many sprites as possible in one image. You will also need the coordinates and sizes of each sprite to be able to use the data in a game. However, if this process seemed like a so much hassle in your part, worry no more for there are tools that make it even easier. This is how a sprite sheet maker enters the scenery.

Sprite Sheet makers like TexturePacker make things a little less complicated. They import single sprites or animation frames from a flash movie and place them in a sprite sheet, optimizing not only the texture’s size but also the image quality. They also keep track of the sizes and coordinates and export the data needed to be imported.

Knowing all these things leave us a conclusion that the enchanting world of virtual games that we have at present would never be that captivating and mesmerizing without sprite sheet makers.

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