Girls on Bikes

Gears have been changed. Designs have been remolded. Ways have been paved for girls’ bikes. Although bikes have been tagged as boy’s toys for the past generations, girls have been claiming their rights in this matter. Bikes have caught the endearing interest of big and little girls, and so, girl’s bikes have been created. In fact, the popularity of girl’s bikes has grown gradually since it was first introduced.

Parents, nowadays, have not let taboos regarding girls riding on bikes influence them on providing their children the fun that they can get out of riding it. They have reached the mentality in which they learn to weigh and consider the benefits their daughters can get in girl’s bikes.

There are lots of things to be considered in choosing the best bikes for girls. Aside from taking into consideration the mechanical aspects of the bikes, the physiologic capabilities of the child should also be taken into account. Girls’ bikes should be properly inspected for damages to ensure safety.

Before letting a child ride in a bike, ensure first that the bike is appropriate for the child’s size. Do not let a child ride without wearing a helmet and protective clothing materials and make certain that those really fit the child to prevent risk for injuries. Have the child wear a close fitting but comfortable clothing to prevent his/her get up be caught by the bikes’ parts. Make sure that the bike works correctly and that no single part function with faults. Leave an eye to the child while he/she rides on his/her bike.

Choosing a bike varies from one age group to another. For girls under 2 years old, these girls’ bikes are recommended: Radio Flyer Girls Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike, Radio Flyer Girls Fold 2 Go Trike, Little Tikes’ 3 in 1 Smart Trike , and Fisher Price Grow With Me Trike.

girl's bikes

For girls 3 years up to 6 years of age, these girls’ bikes are best suited for them: Adams Girl’s Run Bike, Pacific Twirl Girls’ Bike (12” Wheels), Kawasaki 12-inch Mono, Kent 14” Girls Sundancer Kids Bike, Huffy So Sweet Girls Bike, and Mongoose Bubble Pop Girls’ Bike (12” Wheels).

girl's bikes

Girls’ bikes that are well suited for 6 years old and beyond are as follows: Bratz 16” Passion For Fashion Girls’ Cruiser Bike, Barbie Girls’ Bike (16” Wheels), Disney Princess Girls’ Bike (16” Wheels), Diamondback Mini Impression Girls’ Bike (16” Wheels), Mantis Girls’ Maya Bike (16” Wheels), Ride With Me Barbie 16-inch Girl’s BMX Bicycle, and Schwinn Jasmine Girls’ Bike (16” Wheels).

girl's bikes

Girls’ bikes provide children not just fun but also exercise. It doesn’t only give them extreme enjoyment but also gives room for physical development and strength. It is not only recommended for recreation but also for enhancing muscle strength and bone density. Girls’ bikes also help children build strong values such as confidence, determination, and perseverance.

Every child has to undergo the stage where fun and play were their priorities. The successful completion of this transitional stage is necessary in molding them into better individuals. Supporting a child and encouraging them in every beneficial activity they’re into (even in playing) strongly help them to establish self-esteem.

Who says bikes were mere boys’ toys? Make way for here comes the girls on bikes!


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