Beauty under Pressure


We are now faced in a world where equality of both sexes is being observed. Women have become more than just housewives, they were now welcomed in a society where men used to dominate. What was previously known and popularly branded that the XX chromosomes were inferior has become a myth. Domination of the males were over, women have risen to fulfill a legend.

The effects of globalization have brought women out of the kitchen and into the streets. Women have been allowed to work which made them no less than a man. Early years of men were focused solely in males. Rulers of each known civilizations were preferably men, noble artists were men, and conquerors were none other than men. Many have told us that men over rule women, history confirms it to us. These days have finally come to an end. Gender equality has been proclaimed.

Women being faced with a tougher world were also faced with a humongous pressure for carrying men’s world on her shoulders. Afraid of being judged and be proven as weak, women feels a whole bunch of an additional pressure to handle with.

It has been women’s unspoken responsibility to maintain, to the best of her ability, her beauty. She has maintained the grace that society has looked up to. Women have their keen eyes to look beauty on its smallest and most delicate details. Mediocrity has no room for them. They always knock the door of excellence. Messing with beauty is a major sin for women. They have their vows for radiance, grace, and perfection.

Beauty under pressure seems so out of control. Pressure, we all know, gives us so much stress, and stress indeed contributes a lot to a faster aging. Women who have not been successful in conquering pressure will have faster and more rapid aging compare to those who have. With a continuous pressure left unhandled, they will eventually have sunken eyes with dark circles around it. Wrinkles will ruin your face. Laugh lines will piss you off. Dark spots scattered on your face will put the heck of it. Aging will become so much evident then. Lips that were previously coated with moist and is cherry red will appear dull, pale, and cracked. The crown of glory that you treasure will turn from black to gray. Gray hair will grow even a lot of times more. Skin will sag just like you fear the most. Bones will be brittle. A stressed woman under pressure will have a face that looks ten times older than her real age is. She will appear more like of a grandmother hiding the fact that she’s not. Sounds so embarrassing and disappointing isn’t it? Who in this world would want a life so pissing because of your aged face? Beauty comes with balance. We don’t want a zombie look, do we?

no stress

When we take a look at pressure on a brighter side and on a lighter sense, it helps not only women but also every individual put some spice especially when competence is along one’s way. We may have noticed people experiencing pressure to be hastier and more tedious making more work in a lesser span of time. This also made sense when we relate the relation between pressure and aging. Aging is directly proportional to pressure. When we take aging as well as pressure for granted, it is comparable no less than taking your natural glow for granted.

The world may be harsh making your schedules so hectic that you think taking some break won’t save your life and that it would only make it more complicated. You may see loosening up will only leave a lot of works left undo thus adding to your burdens. Unfortunately, a huge number of women think of relaxing, recreating, and having some fun, such as getting yourself on a girlfriend getaway, are the things they hardly can afford for they have been immensely bombarded with pressure and a ton of work. Women have been incarcerated in a belief that recreation is always lavishness and a waste of not just time, but also money. These mentalities are the ones that make women’s life a fertilizer to aging.

Stress due to pressure can fortunately be controlled, just by simply taking some moment to unwind even once a week. A girlfriend getaway would be perfect then. Plan a simple yet invigorating girlfriend getaway with your girl friends to at least wash all the stress and pressure away. Aside from getting fun, a girlfriend getaway treat would surely draw some smiles on your friends’ faces. An adventurous woman may choose a girlfriend getaway that is jaw dropping due to its extreme experience it can possibly offer. One can also choose and consider a beauty spa as a relaxing girlfriend getaway. Submit yourself to a massage or yoga sessions to cast away stress from your gorgeous body. Who says pressure should always be taken hardly? All you need to have is do all your work well and serve your body better.

Our body’s purpose is more than doing heavy works and loads, it functions more than that. Life is short and living it over working will leave all your young years go pointless. Being happy is far beyond earning money; it is far beyond achieving earthly riches. True happiness is best achieved through spending quality time with your loved ones and enjoying every second of it. Women should realize that letting yourself work so hard won’t make you any superhero. Recreation is part of our basic needs and that it should be accomplished. The sick makes no work, this should always ring a bell on you.

Maintain beauty, maintain life. You don’t need to be ruthless to your body as much as how ruthless your boss may be. Let your face outstand even in spite of inevitable pressure and stress. Let your body claim its blaze and let it shine far beyond others. Prove your worth, prove your significant beauty!



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